GroundsPro recognizes that healthy trees and palms enhance the beauty of South Florida’s landscape, and we excel in their care and maintenance.


GroundsPro has educated and experienced Certified Arborists who are members of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Our crews are proficient at providing not only proper trimming services, but are also capable of detecting tree and palm problems, recommending solutions, and executing those recommendations.


GroundsPro is experienced in proper hurricane trimming practices, both in preparation before a storm, and in corrective pruning after a storm.


GroundsPro can provide a wide array of tree and palm related services, including:

  • Tree & Palm Trimming (Class II)
  • Crown Reduction (Class IV)
  • Corrective Pruning (for damaged trees)
  • Tree & Palm Health Care
  • Tree & Palm Removal and Stump Grinding


GroundsPro services are performed in accordance with City and County Codes.

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